The Alfa-Proj Muzzle Loading .357 Revolver is the result of a unique collaboration between Alfa-Proj , Westlake Engineering and Merseyside Armoury .
Over two years in the making , the end result has so far exceeded all expectations . The pre production model ( pictured right ) has now fired over 1000 rounds with no problems .
Competitive shooting using Herco powder has resulted in scores that are roughly the same as my pre handgun ban scores . And because Nitro powder is used , there is no need to scrub the gun clean after every shooting session .
Every revolver is supplied with a bullet press to load a normal lead bullet , ( not a lead ball ) into the cylinder after a pre prepared powder charge has been poured in . A shotgun primers is then inserted into the primer pocket , the cylinder then replaced on the crane , and shooting can commence .

Alfa 6 inch mlr production

Alfa MLR 6 inch : weight 2lbs 10 oz .
Single Action trigger pull : 4lbs 5 oz .
Frame and barrel finish ; Blue .
Cylinder ; Stainless .

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